Dad's Law

Dad’s Law Attorneys, or Father’s law attorneys specialize in representing father’s in divorce and custody cases.  All too often the Father is unfairly discriminated against in a court of law.  Father’s law typically refers to divorce and custody proceedings, and lawyers who specialize in Father’s law are the best prepared to help loving Father’s maintain their legal rights.

Specializing in Father's Law

Many Father’s law specialists are also divorce attorneys who can help you get through a difficult time in your life in a thorough and professional manner.  Divorces and child custody battles are rough on everyone involved, especially on the children.  One of the best ways to make sure the process is a painless as possible on everyone involved is to find the proper legal counsel and get informed on the correct way to handle the legal proceedings.  Its important to understand how to handle any child custody battle before you attempt to engage in legal proceedings.

Navigating Your Custody Battle

Here are just a few tips on navigating a custody battle during divorce proceedings that will be recommended by any Father’s Law Attorney or specialist:

  • You need to fight as hard as possible to get the maximum amount of time with your children.  If you set a smaller amount of desired time, out of a misguided conception that it will be more reasonable, you’ll have a harder time getting that time or increasing it later on.  You need to make sure you fight for as much time as possible, whether that means full custody or equal time.
  • Don’t bring up child support whenever you are talking about custody.  Divorce courts have historically favored mother’s claims over the father’s, and fathers often get cast as using custody as a means of getting out of child support, as some states have child support laws based on custody time.  The safest thing to do is leave out child support from any custody discussion.
  • Be as civil as possible throughout the entire process.  Divorce is a hard process on all parties, and custody battles more so.  Its important to make the process simple and free of any animosity, or as free of animosity as possible.  Your children will be better off for it, as will your ex.

The most important part of any custody battle, however, is finding the right lawyer to represent you.  Father’s Law specialists are there specifically to help fathers navigate the mire that is the American legal system.  If you don’t have the right legal representation on your side you may find yourself losing out on custody hours and child visitation rights.  Just because you are the father does not mean you are any less entitled to care for your children.

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