Getting Legal Aid Help: Find Out How You Qualify

In the event that you may require legal help, you might have the option to receive low cost legal aid. You must meet the monetary conditions for getting legal aid. In many cases, legal aid is free. In other cases, you may need to pay a fraction or all of the cost.

There are different types of ways you can get legal help which are:

  • Legal Help/Consultation – Explanation of your rights and legal advice for your specific legal troubles.

  • Family Mediation – Family mediation helps settle separation issues or other family disputes without formally taking the issue to court. Family mediation can resolve issues including kids, cash and the family home.

  • Legal Representation – Representation in court and all trial proceedings by an accredited lawyer.

What Types of Law Do Legal Aid Services Cover?

Most legal institutions and law firms have legal aid branches in place to help those who need legal representation or some other form of legal aid but cannot afford to receive it.  In addition, most local governments, and even some city and state governments have legal aid branches dedicated to providing affordable legal aid. What cases might qualify for emergency or affordable legal aid?

  • Welfare Benefits

    • Appeals lower courts, circuit courts, Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.

  • Gathering Charge Decrease Plans

    • Appeals to the High Court, Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.

  • Obligation

    • Court activity by your home loan money lender due to contract back payments.

    • Court activity by a lender to drive you to offer your home.

    • A lender is influencing you to become bankrupt.

  • Housing

    • Court activity to oust you from your home in view of lease unpaid debts.

    • Eviction from your home.

    • Your leased home is in decay and adversely affecting you or your family's health.

    • You are being harassed in a manner that is threatening or makes you feel unsafe.

  • Discrimination

    • You have been discriminated against due to your religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity. The law shields you from being discriminated against by managers, teachers, landlords,  and employers.  You may even have legal rights against private organizations such as religious organizations or social clubs.

  • Instruction (Special Educational Needs)

    • If you or your loved one is denied special educational needs when a disability or condition requires special education treatment.

  • Immigration and Refuge Status

    • Asylum applications

    • Illegal detainment and deportation

    • Legal representation in immigration and deportation appeals

    • Applications for refuge status, or for those seeking asylum

  • Domestic Abuse, Children and Family Issues

    • Any private family matter that requires mediation or legal representation can qualify you for legal aid, especially if the issue is domestic abuse, either child or spousal.  Physical and mental abuse is often considered when seeking domestic/ family legal aid.

    • If you require legal representation because you feel you have been the victim of sexual, physical, or mental abuse at the hands of an immediate family member and fear for your immediate safety.

    • You may qualify for legal aid if your family is unlawfully extorting money from you.

    • If you have a child that you are worried is the victim of abuse or in immediate danger of further abuse, you may qualify for legal aid and protection.

    • Children can often receive legal aid for any case where they need legal representation against family members.

    • Separation and divorce proceedings

    • Child custody battles

  • Psychological Well-Being

    • Advice in the event that somebody has been confined or 'institutionalized'.

    • Applications for mental health evaluations and screenings.

    • Mental disability and mental disorder representation.

There are extremely strict requirements about the evidence that you need to show to fit the bill for emergency help in these cases.  Legal aid is available, but to get free or low cost help, you will need to prove that you meet the requirements. It is in your best interest to seek the help from a legal expert in order to give yourself the best chance of winning your case.

Unsure where to search for legal aid attorneys near you? Check out these two helpful resources for find legal aid lawyers near your location.

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Free Attorneys & Legal Consultations

Currently looking for legal aid that you can afford? It can be difficult to find an attorney that is affordable and provides the legal representation you need. Luckily, there are many attorneys and firms that offer free attorney services or little to no cost to you. Some of these firms actually have attorneys that do free attorney services or "probono" legal aid as it is normally referred to. Find out if there are any free attorney clinics available in your city or near you.