Cancelling Timeshare Services

Millions commit to a timeshare every year. While the idea of it sounds great, some people feel trapped with an investment they may not always be able to use. Due to this, some of those who have purchased a time share would like to cancel them.

However, many time share companies have made it increasingly difficult to cancel your time share. At times, some have even had to seek legal help to cancel theirs. If you are one of the many millions that are looking to cancel your time share, worry no more. There are multiple types of legal resources that can assist you in getting your time share cancelled.

Top 10 Reasons Most Time Share Owners Decide to Cancel:

  • Limited or No Availability at The Resort: While you may have been excited when you first committed to your timeshare after a lengthy presentation, you might find that it is difficult to find availability at the resorts.

  • Maintenance Fees: Many time share owners find that the maintenance fees are something they overlooked and can become a burden to pay.

  • Special Assessment Fees: Timeshare owners can expect to receive a bill for special maintenance fees such as making repairs after a national disaster or even major renovation costs.

  • Needs Aren’t Met: Most timeshare owners find that the amenities and resort availability they were promised do not meet their needs or expectations.

  • $0 Resale Value: One of the disappointing aspects of owning a timeshare is realizing that almost all timeshare properties have no resale value.

  • Unable to Rent Timeshare: Most timeshare owners think they’ll be able to rent out the timeshare to earn additional income, it can be hard to rent out units at certain times of the year. Due to this, you may be missing out on rental income you expected to make.

  • Pressure to Upgrade Timeshare: After a while of committing to a timeshare, many timeshare owners have expressed that they are pressured by sales people to upgrade their timeshare package.

  • Broken Promises: Many time share sales representatives make promises for those who commit to a timeshare that end up broken or failed. Some of these broken promises normally revolve around timeshare owners who have upgraded in the hopes of better amenities but are ultimately disappointed.

  • Safety Concerns: Some timeshare owners feel that they money they pour into maintenance fees is not used. Timeshare owners express concern over poor upkeep at resorts that in some cases are a safety concern.

  • Don’t Want Family Members to Inherit the Burden: Many timeshare cancellations involve elderly parents that can no longer assume the responsibility of a time share. However, they do not want the burden to be placed on their children.

Legal Help for Cancelling Your Timeshare

In most states, it is state law that timeshare owners are allowed to rescind their contract with a set period of time. In some states, timeshare buyers have a few days after signing up to cancel but can even be anywhere from 3 to 15 days. However, if you are trying to cancel after that time frame, you may find yourself out of luck.

Most time share programs are designed to make it difficult to cancel a contract. If one wants to cancel their timeshare or unload it, they will have to first consider trying to sell it to a new owner rather than get a refund. It is important to understand your rights when it comes to being a timeshare owner.

Cancel Your Timeshare Programs & Attorney Legal Services

If your time frame has passed for cancelling your timeshare contract, don’t worry, there are other options you can consider. Every year there are millions of dollars in timeshare sales that are fraudulent. A legal group like this one can help you get your refund back and cancel your timeshare.

For more information about time share cancellation programs, check out the helpful resources above.