Finding A Reputable Divorce Attorney Near You

A divorce always involves some degree of tension and stress. This is true even when both parties amicably agree to end a marriage. This is even truer when a divorce also includes child custody disputes. Custody disputes can put children in the middle of tension between parents. Divorces also affect immediate and extended family members, especially grandparents. 

Custody disputes and the division of marital assets are best left to be negotiated by a reputable divorce attorney. Divorce attorneys are trained professionals and know the details pursuant to divorce and family law. They are also not emotional about the divorce or custody arrangements and are therefore able to negotiate and draft terms using reason and rationality instead of emotions and pride. Reputable divorce attorneys specializing in family law are also knowledgeable about Father’s Rights and Grandparent’s Rights. 

Some divorce scenarios involve low-income families or victims of domestic abuse who cannot afford to pay for legal services. Low or no cost divorce attorneys are available to help via specific limited resources. Hiring a reputable divorce attorney can help make a stressful process feel more comfortable while also potentially saving you money. It can also help assure Father’s and Grandparent’s Rights, while simultaneously focusing on the best interests of your children. 

How to Find a Reputable Divorce Attorney Near You

Online search engines have replaced the yellow pages in modern times. Popular search engine websites such as Google and Bing provide a multitude of search results simply by entering your query subject and zip code. Initial search results can then be narrowed down further by adding more specific search filter parameters to the search fields or clicking on outbound links to specialized legal-based search websites.

Legal-based search websites help prospective clients find reputable local divorce attorneys by accessing comprehensive online databases and directories. Some of these websites ask for more detailed information in order to generate better results. This information can also include your zip code in addition to your email address and the type of attorney for which you are searching. Additional prompts might appear with questions designed to narrow your search even further. Viable search engine websites available to help you find a reputable divorce attorney in 2020 and 2021 include:

Divorces and Father’s Rights

One of the hardest parts of divorce proceedings is working out child custody arrangements. Fathers previously experienced more bias against them pursuant to child custody and visitation. This is no longer true, as modern courts are now prioritizing what is in the best interest of the children, regardless of which parent can provide it.

Fathers going through divorces are generally assumed to have automatic biological, custodial and legal rights. Exceptions to this include reported incidents of spousal abuse, child abuse or neglect. Paternity tests for divorcing couples are also usually only requested or required when issues of infidelity by the mother are introduced in court. Paternity tests for unmarried fathers can be crucial to securing a father’s rights, however. Before an unmarried father can pursue visitation, custody or child support, biological paternity must be established. 

Grandparent’s Rights

Many children have close relationships with their grandparents. Divorces can tear those relationships apart, especially when the divorcing couples have contentious relationships with respective in-laws. Most grandparents want to maintain close relationships with their grandchildren following a family divorce. What are grandparent’s rights regarding grandchild visitation?

Grandparent’s rights vary in each U.S. state. The parents generally have the right to make final decisions on grandparent visitation. Courts may intervene if previous relationships between grandparents and grandchildren were established. Courts may also deem it to be in the best interest of the children to maintain regular relationships with their grandparents. There may also be issues involving the death of one parent, which have an impact on grandparent’s rights after a family divorce.

Low or No Cost Divorces & Divorce Attorneys

Uncontested divorces can sometimes be processed free or at low cost online without using an attorney. Each state has its own indigent divorce fee waiver, allowing for court fees applicable to an uncontested divorce to be either waived or deferred. Proper forms must be filled out and proof of income officially documented. 

Local courthouses have divorce forms and divorce fee waiver forms available. These forms should also be available for download via local divorce or family court websites. Proof of income and inability to pay can include SSI, regular employment income, SSDI, child support received/paid, assets, investments, monthly debts/expenses, utility bills and tax returns. All documents must be officially notarized prior to being accepted and fee waivers approved.

Legal aid is potentially available for divorce expenses under qualifying conditions. Civil and family law does not guarantee the right to counsel the way criminal law does. There are possible legal aid options for low-income household divorces, especially where abuse or neglect are involved. The ABA provides a list of resources for free or reduced-cost civil legal help.

There are federally funded civil legal programs available to provide potential assistance in obtaining a low or no cost divorce. The Patriots Law Group also provides family and divorce law services to U.S. military members. The latter services might not be available for free but charges could be deferred until marital assets are appropriately divided. 

Benefits of Hiring Reputable Divorce Attorney Near You

Divorce attorneys have comprehensive training and education in civil law. A reputable divorce attorney understands state laws and nuances of divorce proceedings. His or her primary job is to negotiate the division of marital assets in your favor. A divorce attorney also understands child custody and child support laws in great detail. He or she knows how to help you understand your rights and make intelligent, rational decisions regarding custody and financial arrangements.

COVID-19 and Increased Divorce Rates

Divorces in the United States have seen a thirty-four percent increase since the novel coronavirus first surged across the nation in early 2020. Married couples are experiencing more financial and domestic tension due to working from home while children are simultaneously home schooling. Home expenses have increased while income and job security have decreased. Many married couples simply cannot withstand the additional pressure. Hiring a reputable divorce attorney can help navigate these challenging times and prevent an already tense situation from becoming worse.