Experienced Family Attorneys Near You

Do you need to find a lawyer near you who practices family law? Use this handy resource to find out how to find a good local lawyer for your case.

Family lawyers are attorneys who are specialized in those legal issues surrounding divorce, custody, alimony or child support. These types of lawyers often handle inheritance cases as well. If you are facing a difficult legal situation with your family then having someone who is well versed in the law is prudent. If you need to hire a family lawyer but do not know where to begin, this quick reference is a good first start. Use this guide to determine if you need a lawyer, what types of cases family attorneys handle, what to expect when working with a lawyer, and helpful links for finding a lawyer in your area.

What types of cases do family lawyers handle?

Family law attorneys handle the following types of cases:

  • Child Support and Alimony: Once you and your spouse separate you must determine the amount allocated for child support and alimony. A good family lawyer helps you to work this out, often in a amicable way.

  • Divorce: Of course family lawyers assist you in finalizing all the necessary legal documents required in a divorce. The attorney also makes sure that it is fair for everyone, and if there are children involved the attorney helps to work out arrangements for custody. In the event an agreement cannot be reached, the family lawyer works on your behalf to present your case in court.

  • Adoption Processes: When it comes to adopting a child into the family the legal red tape is massive. Family lawyers help navigate you through this so that there are fewer delays.

  • Domestic Violence: In the instance where you must bring a lawsuit against your spouse as a result of abuse or threats then family law practitioners are able to help you get a restraining order. If you have been wrongfully accused a family lawyer helps to mitigate those on your behalf.

  • Inheritance: When a loved one passes away and does not leave a will, or leaves a will that is vague arguments often ensue among family members. A family lawyer is trained to assist in these matters.

Start Your Search for an Experienced Family Attorney

Not all the attorneys who are in your area are qualified to handle family law cases. The best, first place to locate a family lawyer in your area is to use the search tool on the American Bar Association’s site. It is free and allows you to filter by specialization. The website also allows you to see associated fees for services. Some attorneys charge a consultation fee, others will not. If it is not listed then make sure to ask. On average a consultation could cost you between $125-250.

How to Find a Low Cost or No Cost Family Attorney

Maybe you just have a quick question you would like to ask as opposed to having a formal consultation. In these cases there are lawyers who volunteer their time through a program called Legal Aid. These lawyers offer a small amount of their time through your local court house.

Another route to take is to speak with lawyers who may be members of a shared organization. For example, if you belong to a union there may be a lawyer already employed by the group. Ask for an appointment. Most do not think of insurance companies when it comes to legal advice, but insurance companies always retain the services of a lawyer. While these lawyers may not specialize in family law they can often point you in the right direction toward someone who is. They can also answer quick questions for you.

Online Family Attorney Resources

The internet makes some of the legwork easier when looking for an experienced family lawyer near you. There are some extremely useful websites offering free advice and resources.

FindLaw: A good first step for anything legal is to educate yourself on the processes. This website offers a wealth of information on all types of law. They also offer good strategies to use in order to win your case. One of the best features of this website is the listing of attorneys in your area offering payment plans.

American Bar Association: The American Bar Association is the governing group that provides oversight for lawyers within the U.S. This is an extremely helpful site because it not only allows you to search for family law attorneys located near you, but also lets you know what they charge or if there have been complaints lodged against them.

Avvo: This online resource is free unless you prefer to chat with a lawyer directly. Quick questions, or those simple to answer are offered at no charge.

Rocket Lawyer: While a good deal of the resources offered on this site are free, there are limitations on this. It is primarily a legal document site and the first document is free. Thereafter there is a fee.