Finding A Legal Aid Lawyer

Finding an attorney for your case can be overwhelming with all the different types of experienced attorneys. Worrying about paying for legal advice should be the least of your worries when you are faced with a legal situation you need help with. Luckily, there are options available for you if you can not afford an attorney right now. Learn more here.

As we approach different times with a new economic climate among us, it can be stressful to go through a legal situation without assistance. Legal assistance for little to no cost can be hard to come by. Whether it’s a divorce, custody battle or some other type of legal situation that you require assistance, rest assured knowing that you have options.

When you have finally determined you need an attorney for your current situation, you’ll first want to determine what is the absolute maximum you can pay for legal fees. This may seem like an easy step for some, but for other individuals that may not have been able to save, you could struggle to pay high lawyer fees. Luckily, there are a variety of pro bono (legal aid) attorneys available to help you in your area.

Legal Aid for Those Who Need It

Legal aid or pro bono attorneys as most describe them, provide legal assistance to clients for little to no cost. You could say that they are free legal attorneys, but with that comes certain requirements and stipulations. Most legal aid attorneys offer free pro bono work to low income clients that are facing various types of legal problems. Legal aid attorneys can help with any type of legal problems that can be related to housing, family law, bankruptcy, disability, malpractice, personal injury, disability, workplace conditions, immigration, criminal cases and much more! Need to find legal aid attorneys in your state? Check out this helpful pro bono/legal aid attorney by state list

Different Types of Attorneys Who Provide Legal Aid

  • Family Attorneys: Family law attorneys deal with a variety of family-related and domestic relations. Most legal aid family law focuses on representing clients dealing with issues related to divorce such as division of marital property, child custody, child support and alimony. They also provide services such as drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Many legal aid family lawyers can assist spouses in getting justice and fairness to their case. Legal aid divorce attorneys, are a type of law that most family law attorneys specialize primarily in.

  • Criminal Attorneys: Criminal attorneys deal with a variety of cases but most surround issues such as arrest, a criminal investigation, charges against an individual, sentencing, appeals, and even post trial issues as well. Criminal attorneys deal with a wide range of case but often they specialize in criminal defense law that covers clients with a drug or DUI offense. Some individuals may find themselves accused of a crime they didn't commit and due to that, they do not have the funds saved up to pay for an attorney to represent their case. This is one of those situations where it is best to seek the help of a pro bono criminal attorney.

  • Personal Injury Attorneys: Personal injury lawyers provide legal assistance to individuals who may have been injured either physically or psychologically as a result of negligence by another party involved. The other party involved can at times be simply another person or a company, government entity, or any entity. Pro bono personal injury attorneys normally practice primarily in tort law. 

  • Malpractice Attorneys: Malpractice attorneys provide legal help to those who are involved or believe they have a medical malpractice case. Malpractice attorneys actually have to perform some medical research and analyze medical records to determine if a client has a case and if medical malpractice has occurred. They work to seek justice and damages for plaintiffs who have be injured by a medical professional.

Legal Aid Resources That Could Help

The sad truth is that there are many individuals in the world that are not given a fair chance in court due to not having experience legal representation. Most of this stems from individuals not having the financial means to pay for a lawyer that will fight for their justice in court. The American Bar Association is a great resource to use when learning more about legal aid attorneys and what they can do for you.