Hiring A Lawsuit Lawyer

Before you seek the help of a lawsuit lawyer, it is best to understand what type of cases and they typically cover. Lawsuit lawyers are also known as litigation attorneys or trial lawyers. Lawsuit lawyers represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits. Unsure what cases are normally involved with a civil lawsuit? A civil lawsuit is a case where there are no criminal charges or penalties at stake. This type of lawsuit normally involves two or more parties that are tangled in non-criminal legal dispute. In a lawsuit trial case, the case is presented at a trial where the plaintiff is seeking compensation or other damages from the defendant.

Types of Civil Lawsuit Cases:

While there is a wide range of the types of cases involved in a civil lawsuit, these are the types that are more common.

  • Contract Disputes: This type of lawsuit primarily involves 2 parties that signed a contract but one party did not fulfill the obligations of the contract.

  • Property Disputes: These types of cases involve property ownership and damages to one person’s property or real estate. This can even include property line disputes where one neighbor may allege that another neighbor crossed a property line between two homes.

  • Torts: A tort is a civil law case that normally involves one opposing side of a case stating that the other party cause physical or emotional harm. There are many different forms of tort cases which relate to an individual’s personal safety, the safety of their property and financial security.

  • Class Action Cases: Class action cases are similar to a tort case in that individuals are seeking damages for harm made. The difference in a class action lawsuit is that it is normally a group or class of people that are seeking compensation for being harmed by the same thing. Class action lawsuits are common among defective consumer products or individuals being exposed to harmful or toxic materials that cause lifetime damage.

There are many types of civil lawsuit cases and are not just limited to those listed above.

Need Help for A Lawsuit but Unable to Afford Legal Help?

Many individuals find themselves in a situation where they need to take legal action in the form of a lawsuit but may not necessarily be able to afford the legal fees involved to hire a lawsuit lawyer. Luckily, there are pro bono civil litigation attorneys that are willing to help. Check out these helpful resources below to find a lawsuit lawyer that could help you for little or even no cost.

  1. Super Lawyers

  2. ABA

  3. NCSC

Lawsuit Lawyer Common Practice Areas

Lawsuit lawyers work hard and practice in a variety of areas. While most of these cases involve some type of dispute, the practice areas are normally as follows:

  • Real estate lawsuits

  • Construction Liability Lawsuits

  • Medical Malpractice Claims

  • Employment or Labor Disputes

  • Anti-trust litigation

  • Workers Compensation Claims

  • Education Law Disputes

  • Divorce Lawsuits

  • Personal Injury Claims

  • Environmental Law

As you can see, lawsuit lawyers handle a variety of lawsuits, make sure you find an attorney that can handle your individual legal situation.