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Cyber law and internet attorney services are both fairly new to the legal system. Read how to find cyber legal help via internet attorney services today.

One of the newest areas of the legal system pertains to cyber law. Cyber legal help through internet attorney services is available to navigate this largely unchartered territory in 2021. Cybercrimes are on the rise due to recent and rapid advancement in high-end technology and computing systems. Read ahead for information on how to find cyber legal help via internet attorney services today.

Cyber Law 101

The advent of cyber law became necessary because of the recent and rapid increase in advanced online technology. Cyber law involves legalities pertaining to the internet and its related technologies, which includes a wide variety of cybercrimes and other infractions. People using the internet for both personal and business purposes are entitled to certain rights and protections. Cyber law is designed to enforce those rights and protections and prosecute those who violate them.

Cyber law, also referred to as internet law or the law of the internet, addresses cybercrimes as dictated by the Information Technologies (IT) Act of 2000 and the Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860. The IT Act of 2000 regulates tampering with computer source documents, unauthored access of protected systems and the publishing of false digital signature certificates. The IPC regulates the distribution of threatening email messages, cyber fraud and web-jacking. Additional cybercrimes regulated by the IT Act of 200 and the IPC include:

  • Sale of weapons and arms online.
  • Sale of narcotics and psychotropic drugs and substances online.
  • Breach of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Electronic records forgery.
  • Computer system hacking.
  • Unauthorized data alteration.
  • Publishing of obscene information.
  • Distribution of defamatory email messages.
  • General and specific email abuse.

The Job of a Cyber Attorney or Internet Lawyer

Cyber attorneys and internet lawyers defend victims of cybercrimes and prosecute those who commit them. Cyber lawyers also defend people who are wrongly accused of committing such crimes. The overall job of a cyber attorney or internet lawyer is similar to the job of an attorney in most legal fields, albeit with some distinct differences. Advanced technology plays a large role in cybercrimes and an internet attorney must be knowledgeable, trained and educated to handle such cases. A law degree, a successfully completed bar examination and license to practice are all required. Additional schooling or training pursuant to IT-related crimes and cybercrimes is also required.

Types of Cases Handled

Internet lawyers handle a wide variety of cases specialized for internet crimes and activities. Internet attorneys handle more than criminal legal matters pertaining the internet. Many professional-based and monetized online activity requires legal guidance. Cyber attorneys help clients understand what data is collectible and usable and the legal ways to use it to avoid penalties and fines. Copyright infringement is one of the most common types of cybercrimes in 2021. You have rights and protections pursuant to your personal videos, images, photographs and text or other messages generated online. Some content is copyright or trademark protected. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) regulates and enforces these protections and your internet lawyer helps you navigate your case.

Social media influencers play a large role in current advertising and online monetization markets. Influencer and celebrity brand representation cases are also handled by internet attorneys. Security breaches pursuant to personal or financial data and information are unfortunately common in modern times. A cyber law defense attorney defends you when you are a victim of a data security breach and prosecutor pursues legal recourse over those who are responsible. Additional types of cases handled by an internet attorney include:

  • Terms of Use (TOU) and Terms of Service (TOS) - website agreements.
  • Disputes over domain name ownership.
  • Compliance and audit clearance
  • Assessment of online and website risks.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) disputes and agreements.
  • Affiliate marketing and sponsorship agreements.
  • US-EU Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield Certification.
  • Online defamation, threats, and harassment.
  • Compliance with email marketing and spam laws.

Average Costs to Hire and Internet Attorney

Most attorneys and law firms set their prices in ways unique to their services. Hourly rates are commonly billed at $200 and more, however. Some attorneys allow clients to handle some legal matters on their own and charge a flat rate for the specific services and tasks they do handle. Contingency fees are paid to attorneys in pre-negotiated percentages based on winnings or earnings upon the successful conclusion of a case. Retainers are paid in larger lump sums to keep an attorney on-hold for when you need him or her the most.

Because internet and cyber law is somewhat new it is even more necessary than it was before to consult with your attorney about costs for your case. Fees to file general paperwork and court documents are involved. The legalities pertaining to online and cyber activities are evolving each year. Questions about what it costs to hire an internet attorney need to be asked up front and clearly.

How to Look for Paid and Free Cyber Law Attorneys Online

Multiple online resources are available to help you find the best cyber law attorneys for your case. Free attorneys are available in specific limited situations. Free legal help, also referred to as pro bono legal services, is generally reserved for criminal cases where the accused is unable to afford his or her own legal defense and the possibility of incarceration exists. Some pro bono lawyers take on cases for organizations and clients with which they have philosophical similarities. Others take on pro bono cases because they believe a client is innocent and unable to defend themselves.

Finding both paid and pro bono lawyers involve researching online search sites. Comparison-shopping for attorneys is smart and helps you find the right match for your case. Listed directly below are resource links to help you find both paid and free cyber law attorneys in 2021.

Find Attorneys for Hire:

Find Pro Bono Lawyers:

Current Career Opportunities Available in Cyber Security Law and Cyber Law Firms

Career opportunities in cyber security law and cyber law firms are expanding. A Judge Advocate General (JAG) is a U.S. Air Force military attorney who handles a wide variety of matters for the branch including cyber law. Careers as a cyber claim counsel, senior cyber law researcher and brand representation attorney for major corporations are all available today. Websites such as are dedicated resources for available attorney jobs. General job board websites such as Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter and multiple more also help you locate current career opportunities in cyber security law in 2021.