Finding A Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury lawyers work as civil litigators that represent clients who have experienced psychological or physical injury due to negligence. This could be negligence by another person, company, government agency or organization. Most personal injury attorneys handle cases in tort law which includes work injuries flawed products, slip and fall accidents, car accidents, and other related accidents. When someone is seriously injured due to the fault of another, it is imperative to find an experienced personal injury attorney.

A lawyer with a specialty in personal injury cases has a wealth of pertinent knowledge regarding the specific laws and torts for this type of case. An attorney that practices family law or real estate, for instance, would likely not have the necessary training and background to represent an injured client. Since these types of cases often involve a client that has sustained serious and/or permanent injuries, winning a personal injury case could increase the chances of an injured client having enough money to live on and being able to pay for the sometimes expensive, often long-term medical treatments.

Workplace Accidents

Every year approximately 3% of the United States workforce suffers from a workplace accident. According to OSHA, the following are the most common workplace accidents that occur.

  • Car Accidents

  • Truck & Van Accidents

  • Slip & Falls

  • Ladder, Scaffolding, and Roofing Falls

  • Power Tool Accidents

  • Lifting Accidents

  • Construction Site Accidents

Locating a Pro Bono Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury attorneys will be listed in the phone directory. People can also contact their state's bar association to find out if their chosen attorney is in good standing. This can be done online today. Also, clients can look up attorneys online or via telephone. It is certainly acceptable to shop around to find the attorney who will best meet the needs of each client. It is important to note that there are time constraints for filing personal injury lawsuits. These time-frames are different in each state. It is important to understand your legal rights when a workplace accident like this occurs.

Most employers carry workers' compensation insurance, but there can be strict rules with benefits eligibility. Due to this, you may find yourself involved in a work related accident but unable to afford to hire a personal injury attorney. This is where a pro bono personal injury injury attorney can help. Personal injury attorneys take on a certain percent of pro bono cases, meaning they provide legal aid at little to no cost. This is all dependent on if the client meets the eligibility requirements. Unsure if there are pro bono injury attorneys near you? Check out this helpful resource to search near your location.

Auto Accidents

Auto accident injuries make up a majority of cases that personal injury lawyers take on. This can include accidents not just in a car but motorcycle, boat and other methods of transportation. Accident and other injured people are encouraged to contact personal injury lawyers located in the state in which their injury occurred. Personal injury laws vary from state to state. Almost all attorneys in this field offer free consultations. They will review each individual case, and the person needing an attorney should ask about their fees. Many of these specialized lawyers work free or when clients cannot afford to pay their fees. Other attorneys wait for payment and collect only if they win the case for their client.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Although many personal injury lawsuits are settled outside of court, is is prudent to hire a lawyer that has trial experience. When deciding on which of the personal injury lawyers to hire, a prospective client should interview their top choices. Since a lawyer's time is valuable, prospective clients would benefit by bringing along a list of questions. It is important to learn about an attorney's experience, win statistics, outline strategy for each individual case, fees, timeline and references. Since a personal injury lawyer represents people who may have lost work or accumulated vast medical bills, the client should select an attorney that they feel comfortable with.

A person who has been injured in an accident, workplace incident or due to a defective product should contact a qualified personal injury attorney quickly. A lawyer has to prove negligence of the other party to win their client's case. An attorney must know specific personal injury laws. A personal injury lawyer can also represent the party being sued in a negligent personal injury case. Whether suing or being sued, hiring a competent personal injury lawyer increases the odds of a positive outcome. Finding the right attorney makes all the difference.