Pro Bono Attorney Resources

The following sites are helpful sites meant to give you an expanded knowledge of Pro Bono Attorneys and other Lawyers available to you, and how to go about contacting and retaining these lawyers.

  • has a large database of legal firms across the states which can be narrowed down by location and legal issue. The also have helpful question and answer boards and an entire section of the site dedicated to researching the law.
  • is a site dedicated to find lawyers near you specializing in any of the various law specialties.
  • The American Bar Association: is a place where one can learn more about Lawyers and Attorneys. They have a variety of different articles geared toward disaster victims, victims of violent crime, work place discrimination and harassment, and so much more.
  • Find Law:

    Another resource for finding lawyers near you.  You can narrow your search by legal issue and state and city.