Tips For Hiring A Child Custody Attorney

The need for a child custody attorney or family law attorney has been steadily increasing since the 1950s. Communicating about co-parenting or custody is necessary. Determine which is the best choice for your case.

There is a slight difference between a family law attorney and a child custody attorney. Family law attorneys concentrate on family-related matters including prenuptial agreements, divorce, adoption, domestic violence cases, and child custody. Child custody attorneys operate as the advocate for one party, proving that one caregiver is best suitable. They also provide legal advice in the pre-trial phase, explain all possible outcomes, and act as a mediator between both parties. Comparatively, child custody attorneys are family law attorneys that specialize in custody cases. Throughout the rest of this article, the terms family law attorneys and child custody attorneys will be used interchangeably.

There are a few things to consider when deciding if legal representation is needed. It could be a complicated case, such as if a parent lives in another state, domestic violence accusations or charges have occurred, there are other parties involved besides the parents.

Child Custody Attorney Rates

Lawyer rates: A lawyer's retainer fees are typically high and are given upfront. These rates are based on the number of hours it may take to conclude the case and in which state services are rendered. Free legal aid or lawyers with reduced rates is a possibility but is not guaranteed.

The parent that has custody can request legal representation to determine child support and how often visitation should be granted or not. The non-custodial parent may require the lawyer to advocate for their interests which may include visitation, frequency, duration, and determining who should be present. Furthermore, if it’s decided that there shouldn’t be direct contact between parents at drop-off and pick-up, then there needs to be a plan of how that will be managed.

Steps For Hiring A Child Custody Attorney

Most family attorneys are sought out by their clients. Here are the steps for hiring reliable legal representation:

  • Lawyer recommendations can come through friends or family, single parent online networks, court officials (such as the clerk), and the State Bar Association. Each state has a Bar Association that provides lawyers names, specialties, and if their license is in good standing or has been suspended and why.

  • Interviewing potential lawyers is important before making a final decision. A free consultation can always be requested. Analyze the level of comfortability there is to express your needs and concerns freely. Find out how much experience they have with similar cases and request references. The payment arrangement needs to be outlined.

  • Inquire about a lawyer’s reputation. This can also be learned by word-of-mouth; Communicate with the single-parent community in your area, online, and local court officials. Additionally, a reliable source of information is always the state lawyer directory.

Custody battles are sensitive and difficult topics. It may require professional legal representation, especially if it's a complicated case. Lawyer fees can be expensive, but some lawyers do pro bono work. Choose which options suit your case the best.

How to Find The Right Lawyer 

  • Ask friends or family for lawyer referrals

  • Discuss fees before signing

  • Research attorneys online

  • Listen to your gut

  • Find out the extent of training

    With their being so many lawyers out there it could be hard to find the right one that can handle your case.  You want to make sure you have advice that is tailored to your specific situation and that they have the capabilities to handle your case. It is important that when you are in the process of finding a lawyer that you do your due diligence and make sure they are completely up front about your case and the fees that will be charged with taking your case. Make sure they have a proven track record in your related field to ensure the result you want. If you are searching for a lawyer in your area please take advantage of this link here.